Preserving your video memories.

Will your grandchildren know if they’ve inherited your good looks? Will you be able to show them your childhood home? The answer to these questions is largely dependent on how you store and archive printed and digital images today. After all, we’re not simply talking about pictures and home movies. We’re talking about your childhood, your wedding day, your entire family history … your life.

Next Steps:

  • Bring in your video tapes.
  • Select from a DVD or a USB drive or you can have both.
  • We will get to work and take great care of your tapes.
  • Your video tapes never leave our property.
  • Two or three weeks later, you return to pick up your digitized movies.
  • All of your original media is returned to you.
We can transfer many different video tape sizes

Video tape digitizing pricing

  • $15.00 per tape DVD or Mp4 file.
  • For Mp4 Files a usb thumb drive cost will be added to the order.
  • For Beta Tapes pricing please give us a call.

Super 8, 8mm + 16mm

We process your old home movies using a method that reduces the projector flicker, resulting in smooth vibrant movies, ready to watch on the big screen. All films are digitized at the highest appropriate definition for maximum clarity before being saved to digital Mp4 file or DVD.

Movie film digitizing pricing

  • 24 cents a foot.
  • We don't expect you to know how many feet of movie film that you have.
  • So when you bring in your movie film we will determine how many feet you have and give you a quote for your project.